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The SUMMER MARATHON* was established as a means to re-imagine the traditional ‘group show’: offering any artist (at any career stage, working anywhere in the world) an opportunity to present their work in a solo exhibition (in lieu of a group show) over the summer. Now in its third year, this unconventional approach allows artists to present and thereafter fulfill a solo exhibition during a two-­week period over summer 2021.

Any artist with a concerted body of work is encouraged to apply regardless of age, education, or location. The SUMMER MARATHON offers artists a unique opportunity to present their work to a larger audience, and in some cases, offers artists their first solo exhibition. Approximately 5 artists will be selected to present solo exhibitions during summer 2021.

*In 2019, the SUMMER MARATHON replaced the CONTEMPORARY VISIONS group exhibition (which ran for 10 years consecutively) as an incentive to give emerging artists an opportunity to exhibit their artwork in London and to have their work viewed and assessed by an esteemed panel.


Artists working anywhere in the world, at any stage of their career are invited to apply. An art education is not necessary. Also, artist collectives are welcome to apply under a single application.


Submit all information directly to the online application system, using a laptop or desktop computer (the system does not currently work on mobile).

Applications sent via post or email will not be considered.


“Should I fill out all of the information or leave some blank?”

  • There is a reason that we are asking for this amount of detail. Therefore, we would encourage you to complete your application as thoroughly as possible to assist the jury in arriving at their most educated decision.

“I have a lot of different threads to my practice. Should I show a little bit of everything or keep it focused?”

  • Certainly, if one element of your practice incorporates sculpture and painting then please show us both; however, if you dabble with different ideas in a bunch of different media we strongly recommend that you pick one focused presentation to clearly exemplify one idea and one strong presentation.

“Can I submit multiple applications?”

  • No.

“I have applied in past years and was not selected. Is it worth me applying again this time?”

  • Sure! Of course, it is. We have a new jury every year and every year the jury looks for different things. Please don’t take it personally if your work hasn’t been chosen in the past; perhaps come with a fresh approach and your newest work may very well get accepted this time. It can never hurt to have your artwork viewed by a new group of artistic professionals.

“What kind of work are you looking for?”

  • While BEERS is primarily a painting gallery one of the objectives of the Summer Marathon is to get new media, new approaches, and new ideas into the gallery. So, whether you are a painter or not, please apply!

“What are we looking for?”

  • Typically, the SUMMER MARATHON looks for artists whose work explores current themes, trends, and innovations in contemporary art across any/all artistic discipline(s). Artists anywhere in the world are invited to submit an application for consideration, and applicants will be vetted by a jury of artistic professionals (see *JURY*), and selected artists will exhibit in a two-week solo exhibition at Beers London gallery in the heart of East London’s vibrant art community.

“What about past artists?

  • Past applicants and exhibitors have gone on to solo-exhibitions with BEERS or other galleries; inclusions in art-fairs; inclusion in gallery Director Kurt Beers’ various publications (100 Painters of Tomorrow / 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow or the forthcoming 100 Photographers of Tomorrow, an open call for which will launch in 2021); placement in prestigious public or private collections; representation by Beers London or other galleries; and countless opportunities as presented by the jury. In previous years, Florence Hutchings and Jan Sebastian Koch had sell-out exhibitions, and the latter, along with Marion Fink, became gallery artists. Laith MacGregor applied for a week in the Summer Marathon in 2019 and the decision was made to – instead – offer him a full 5-week solo show with the gallery.

“What is the process?”

  • All applicants will be reviewed, and a portion (usually around 350-500) will be long-listed. Afterwards, these artists will be vetted to a short-list (around 75-100); and finally, the top 25 artists will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal/pitch of their solo show. Finally, approximately 5 artists will be selected to exhibit.

“What is the commission split as a result of sales?”

  • 50% to the artist and 50% to the gallery

“Will the gallery pay for shipping costs?”

  • The gallery will pay for the cost of shipping one way and the artist is responsible for the cost of shipping the other way.

• All media is accepted. Including painting, photography, sculpture, video (see below), and all two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, new-media and any non-traditional media, such as performance, etc… (surprise us!). We recommend that you do not apply with work that is dated prior to 2018.

• Submit up to 4 JPEGS of different works.

• Filenames must be no longer than 140 characters

• Maximum file size is 3MB per image


Artists working in video or time-based media can submit up to 4 video links, accompanied by video stills.

• Upload videos to a password-free hosting site such as Vimeo or Youtube. Due to the amount of submissions, videos protected by passwords cannot be viewed.

• Videos should be no longer than 1 minute in length. Artists of interest may be contacted to submit videos of a longer runtime.


There are no restrictions to the dimension of exhibited works apart from a gallery ceiling height of 2.75m.

Work should be available for sale during the exhibition dates; however, the work submitted in your application does not need to be the work available for exhibition. You should upload/submit work in your application that most accurately reflects your current artistic practice.


The deadline has been EXTENDED until Monday, 16 November 2020, until midnight (GMT+1)


6 July to 28 August 2021; the breakdown of the weeks will be as follows:

*Dates may be subject to slight change.

Round One: 6 July – 17 July
Round Two: 20 July – 31 July
Round Three: 3 August – 14 August
Round Four: 17 August – 28 August


There is a processing fee of £10 to submit – payable directly from the site by credit/debit card or Paypal.


Results will be posted online and sent to the emails provided by each applicant. However, in many instances pertinent information is overlooked or redirected to applicants’ spam filters, so we recommend checking the BEERS site for updates. We kindly ask that you refrain from emailing the gallery as updates will be posted to our website as decisions progress.

Kurt Beers

Kurt Beers

Director of BEERS London & Author of ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’ & ‘100 Sculptors of Tomorrow’

Lewis Gilbert

Lewis Dalton Gilbert
Creative Director, A Vibe Called Tech
Associate Curator, New Art Centre

Yossi Milo

Yossi Milo

Principal/Owner of Yossi Milo Gallery, NY, NY


Eugenio Re Rebaudengo 

Founder & Director of ARTUNER

Ehryn Torrell

Ehryn Torrell 

Artist / Exhibited in Summer Marathon 2020


Lorna York 

Owner/Founder of Madison Galleries, Solana Beach, California


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Thank you in advance for your application and we wish you the best of luck!

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